Fernsehturm’s Best of the Rest 2011

Being the third and last in the series of end of year reviews. This contains a random catch all bucket of stuff!

A Game Of Thrones


2011 seemed a bit of a mixed year for TV. While I enjoyed immensely Dr Who, Mad Men and The Walking Dead, the TV programme of the year has to be HBO’s adaptation of A Game Of Thrones. It’s always fun to watch people hack heads of with enormous swords, or be outsmarted by fast-talking dwarves, what I really enjoyed about this was just how well the production team had thought about how to adapt 800 pages of detailed plot and a cast of hundreds into 10 single episodes without losing anything important along the way. Other notables included the great Fresh Meat which recovered from a weak opening episode to become one of my favourite comedies of the year. Misfits misfired in Season 3 – half of it  was excellent, the other half rather dull. It was however was still leagues ahead of stinker of the year Torchwood, which I gave up early on – five episodes were more than enough to endure.

Diamond Mine


Much of my favourite listening in 2011 was rather retro such as my almost daily re-assessment of Neutral Milk Hotel’s In The Airplane Over The Sea in the spring. Of contemporary releases King Creosote and Jon Hopkins Diamond Mine was undoubtedly the best album of the year, being a perfectly produced slice of Fence Collective nu-folk. KC’s brother, the Lone Pigeon, had a sizeable chunk of his back catalogue re-released in what was surely the collection of the year – the 7 disc Time Capsule. I’m still getting to grips with such a large body of work to this day, months after its release.


I’m just going to say one name and leave it at that – BrewDog.


More or less given up on comics, although still enjoying Garth Ennis and Darick Anderson’s The Boys. Nice to see Swamp Thing back in the mainstream of the DC Universe, and loving All-Star Western.


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2 responses to “Fernsehturm’s Best of the Rest 2011

  1. Donald

    Truly Torchwood was a dog, a flabby, directionless, misbegotten embarassment to all concerned.

    • Doug

      Five decent episodes (i.e. the whole of the third Season) show just how good this series could have been. I fear the last season of Torchwood has killed the franchise off, and I for one am will not miss it’s passing.